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27th Jun 2012, 1:13 AM in Loading Dock
Author Notes:
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"If I squint really hard, I am absolutely certain I can share your apparent hallucination! I may need to also hold my breath."

Yes, everyone in mainstream spacer society lives with enhanced reality. No, Hosanna really can't see it, at all. It's not so much like being illiterate as like being unable to see the existence of text.
User comments:
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I equate it to being color blind. You know someone else can see it, but you don't even know when it's being an issue until someone tells you. (It's not pink! It's totally pink.)

Also, nice forced perspective with the hands!
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That's a pretty good analogy! Except that there are ways to work around being colorblind- It might really be most like a Deaf person/culture and a hearing culture's approach to sound. Something that the one society takes totally for granted as essential, but for a subgroup just does not exist.
Ah, technology. Finding ways to overcome our old differences by giving us exciting new ones.
(Thanks for the compliment on the hands! I am stunned I was able to pull that off at all.:P)