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Still Alive

But it has been a near thing, and honestly I'm *still* getting over being awfully sick. Whurgh.
This has done a good job of destroying the modest buffer I'd managed to build myself. Worse, the high fevers exacerbated my seizure disorder and kind of destroyed my consciousness for a while. If you follow me on The Twitter or The Tumbs you've probably seen a lot of notes and posts from me because out of context 140-character snips have been about all I could handle for the last month or so.

Aaaand now it's the holidays, with all the busy that goes into that. And I love the holidays, deeply! But it does eat up the time.

I really, REALLY hate to do it, but I think I'm taking December off the comic updates. I'm still arting, and trying to restore that minor buffer my fevers snatched away. I hope to come back in January with this chapter all wrapped up. Thanks for being patient! I'll try to keep posting some art here, and over at The Tumbs, so it's obvious I aten't dead.

by Carapace