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Happy Late Updates!:P

Comics are up! And also the food was fantastic, but I knew it would be, because I made it. I am a very good cook, which is a mixed blessing when food-based holidays come around- on the one hand, I always know what I'm bringing to the family dinner! on the other hand, it's because I'm bringing everything.

Now is the part where I'm supposed to say I'm thankful for my dear readers, I guess, but that is woefully inadequate. Dear Readers: you are awesome, and you are the reason I bother posting this nigh-weekly goofery.  I hear about the problems other artists have with their readership, and man, I realize I have lucked the heck out this far. You're all smart, patient, and funny, and your comments make me grin every time. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU ALL. And that isn't just the fooddrunk talking.

Anyway, my precious window of working solitude appears to be closing-time to go spend time with my family of actual related fleshlings. I hope every one of you is well fed and in good company today, and if you're  wallowing online like me, I hope ALL your favorite comics are updated.

by Carapace