Play the Hero

A webcomic

Ok I swear someday I'm gonna have a buffer.
(actually I did have a buffer but then I thought of a way to make the whole thing better and I threw out ten finished pages and so now I'm only almost done with the replacement but ANYWAY)

I don't right *now*, and for tonight, well, I am totally freaking out. I'm a USAn, and some of you astute folks may have noticed we've got a Thing happening in this coutnry tonight. And as someone who needs Medicare to get the medicine that keeps me alive and breathing day to day, elections, and their concurring budgetary decisions, are a big personal deal to me, not an abstract ideological issue.  Until I find out who's determining my life and death for the next four years, I am going to be A LITTLE DISTRACTED.

So the page will be up Wednesday, but maybe a little late. Bear with me on this particular excuse; it won't happen again for four years, I promise.

by Carapace