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The World is Certainly Full of Things

And one of them is me updating regularly! Wow, if I manage to update NEXT Wednesday too that'll be a whole month with no skips! Or even late updates! I don't know if I've done that before! I-- I'm scared. The last time this happened my computer died. Twice. In a row.

But there are other things not about me happening! 24 Hour Comic Book Day, for one. If you make comics, and you'll have time away from household duties this Saturday, you should really check it out: [link]

But I will NOT be participating, because I will be at the local Japanese Society Matsuri (well, semi-local. Living in the sticks as I do, anything in a 2-hour radius is 'local'). I will be seeing exciting traditional dances (there are drums!) and watching plays and stuffing my face with an absurd amount of rice.  If you're in Austin, I highly recommend going! It's buckets of fun.

Whether you're in Austin or not, I highly recommend picking up DC's new Amethyst Showcase volume. Anyone reading my comics has probably noticed that I have a fondness for non-traditional layouts, and this book- especially the first half, which is all Ernie Colon's artbaby-- is like a masterclass in the field. The first *page* is amazing and it doesn't let up from there.

We shall not speak here of the reboot.

Aaaand if you're a child of the 90s, you should probably check out Nickleodeon's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. It's fun. Honestly fun, not oh-I-can-stand-this-while-the-kids-watch fun. And I'm really impressed with the animation; most computer animation feels kind of cold to me, but the  stuff on this show feels very warm and lively. I think the lighting may help? it's got a very animated-comic sort of direction, I'm enjoying it a lot. Watch it with a bowl of oversugared cereal at hand.

Then go out and do some Things. The world is full of them!

by Carapace