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22nd Nov 2012, 9:25 AM in Warning Lights
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Author Notes:
Carapace edit delete

"You only virtually got rent apart and eaten by a beaked monstrosity, you are such a BABY."
What's the practical difference between a kraken and a big squid, anyway?

And yes, that was how they met. BF5EVER, obviously.
User comments:
dougwarner59 edit delete reply
Your artwork is very good, but I think I would get rid of the (background) it is very distracting. Either do a detailed background or remove it altogether. In summary: excellent artwork but the background takes away from it.
Carapace edit delete reply
I certainly agree that my backgrounds are a weak point. I don't plan to do away with them altogether, but I am working on improving them! And I may in fact change this page later, the contrasts are indeed all wrong. This is very much in the way of a live performance for me, and I don't pretend that it's even half perfected.

Thanks for being so kind about the artwork anyway!