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6th Jun 2012, 12:02 AM in Loading Dock
Page 28
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Carapace edit delete
"Did You Just Patronize Cthulu? You promised you would stop doing that!"
User comments:
dougwarner59 edit delete reply
Great work: but do the page again. I would really like to see what it looks like the second time around.
Carapace edit delete reply
I think at the moment, the page would look just the same if I did it again, since I only did it last week. I don't think my skills are progressing quickly enough for that to make a difference!

As a general thing, by the time a page makes it up here, it's gone through at least three revisions at every stage from thumb to letters, and more often 5-10. Which certainly doesn't make them The Best Of All Possible Pages, but does make them the best that I can do for now. But I'd love any specific feedback- even if I can't change a given page, I can always consider advice for the future.

Thanks again for commenting!
rubyredrose edit delete reply
I really like the 1st panel, the rolling laughter is great! One thing that does bug me is the last panel. It's totally a style thing that you don't see the little dimple at the edge of people's mouths (the modiolus, maybe? Wikipedia you have failed me!) On the other hand, with the extreme close up on Hosanna's face, I keep thinking it needs to be there. Plus, the edge of her mouth makes me look back up at her feet in the 1st panel, instead of down at Leda's face.
Carapace edit delete reply
Hmmm, do you mean the dimple where the lips meet, or like...under the lower lip when it's pulled tight(I don't know the term either!)? You're right that stylistically that's just a level of detail I wouldn't normally use, but that doesn't mean I can't play with it some in the future. My art is always evolving!

And I'll certainly keep the eyedraw comment in mind too. Maybe a wider gutter...