Apparently I Will Update On Wednesdays In The Future
by Carapace

Since my husband's schedule means he's home on Sundays and so I can't compulsively double check every single detail eighty times before I post the pages. I'm usually not so OCD, but I think I have quite enough art-typos even with the last minute look through to justify minor out-freaking.

Still planning to stay with a biweekly schedule, provided I don't get hilariously sick again like I did the last couple weeks. If you had the bug I did, you'll know what I'm talking about; the most awesome part was burning my hand on a cast iron pan and thinking the pan was nice and cool. If you would currently welcome the sweet embrace of death, you may have the same virus! Remember, antibiotics don't help with a virus. Only a convenient serial killer can save you now!

Or lots of fluids and bedrest. You know, if you want to be a baby about it. I had comics to make, so I was a baby about it and now I'm not all dead. So, next real comics in another couple weeks!

Starting Over
by Carapace

Those keen of sight or paying the least bit of attention may have noticed that I've rebooted this machine. Last year was cursed, CURSED I TELL YOU, by computer disasters and health failures. I woke up this winter and decided heck with it, let's go again. And so again I am going. 

I'll be updating with multiple page chunks every other Monday (so the next update will be Feb. 13!) for the foreseeable future. I'm really happy with how things are going; I hope any of you who read along last time will stick around for this.  I know reboots can be frustrating. If you want to drift off for a bit and come back later, I completely understand- but honestly, this is so much better, I really think you should stick around. I know I'm having more fun.

To those who emailed or commented elsewise, thanks! If you want to join the commenty crowd now you can always follow me over on DeviantArt, where I post a couple days early for beta-readers, or on Twitter, where as @Carabrains I natter profusely.  Or you can just leave comments in the box beneath! I promise I cherish each one.


See you in a couple Mondays!

Dead Work
by Carapace

I have spent ALL DAY- as in, twelve hours- drawing a page I am still not happy about. This isn't artblock; I know what I'm drawing, I'm on the inking and shading phase, and but and...nothing's coming together. Inside Hill House lines do not meet and expressions do not cohere. The occasional sense I've trained into my fingers that lets me lift or impress a line is just not working for me today. The inks, today, are failing like meringues in wet weather- I KNOW what to do, and conditions are just not letting me do it.  

Except that if this were really meringues I would know how to fix the problem. I am aces with meringues. I can save them in a monsoon, without even using extra sugar. With this page I am just watching my work fall into a sodden heap again and again.

A great writer once called this "the dead work", like chopping wood all year to enjoy the living warmth of a fire in winter. Just sheer bull headed practice with faith that it will pay off in improvement later, in those moments when I get to  look at my hand doing its dang job and be briefly satisfied that I have, maybe, a little bit, improved.  

I believe in the dead work.  So I do the wretched stuff,and if I were on any deadline but self-imposed betawork deadline I'd take this wet mess o' page and post it. But I'm not, and I've worked myself into a migraine and hand cramps, and I'm pretty sure I'm at the point where continuing will only make everything worse.  So I'm headin' to bed for a couple hours.

So all of this to basically say, yeah, page will be late. BUT WORK IS HAPPENING.  So much dead, rotting work.  And any hour now the lightning will strike and it will come to unholy unlife...

Coming Back in October
by Carapace

So hey, it turns out living in close-quarters exile creates doomplagues! WHO KNEW. And now it's almost the end of September, and I've been so sick for most of it I didn't even post a note! haha, it's awesome because I'm horribly behind.


I'll be back next week, though! With...something. I SHALL SEE. But I miss my updating, I do, even if I'm the only one here. :P

I'm On Fire
by Carapace
Well, not ME, per se, but my home and surrounding wilds are fenced in by fire, smoke, and the constant threat of MORE fire and smoke. I've been evacuated; I'm fine, or as fine as a person can be when they don't know the existential status of their earthly goods. But this IS interfering with my production schedule juuuuust a touch. I'll be back next week either way! Just, packing my life up has proved to be more disruptive than I would wish.

Next week! Bet money!