Starting Over

Those keen of sight or paying the least bit of attention may have noticed that I've rebooted this machine. Last year was cursed, CURSED I TELL YOU, by computer disasters and health failures. I woke up this winter and decided heck with it, let's go again. And so again I am going. 

I'll be updating with multiple page chunks every other Monday (so the next update will be Feb. 13!) for the foreseeable future. I'm really happy with how things are going; I hope any of you who read along last time will stick around for this.  I know reboots can be frustrating. If you want to drift off for a bit and come back later, I completely understand- but honestly, this is so much better, I really think you should stick around. I know I'm having more fun.

To those who emailed or commented elsewise, thanks! If you want to join the commenty crowd now you can always follow me over on DeviantArt, where I post a couple days early for beta-readers, or on Twitter, where as @Carabrains I natter profusely.  Or you can just leave comments in the box beneath! I promise I cherish each one.


See you in a couple Mondays!