Reboot Redo Reformat

Before I forget to mention it: I'M GOING TO ANIMEFEST IN DALLAS! I WILL HAVE MY OWN TABLE! I AM SO NERVOUS I MAY BEGIN DEVOURING PENCILS LIKE A BEAVER ah frack if anyone reading this is going to Afest stop by and say hiiiii and make me fun of me so I know I'm not alone.


50-some pages in, and I'm beginning to feel like I know something about how I want to tell this story. >_< Good  thing I had planned to redo the first 20-some pages from the beginning anyway, right?

Especially since I appear to have lost those PSDs in the Great Hard Drive Crash of Aught 'Leventy. Those grapes aren't sour at all!
No, really, they're not. I HAD planned to redo Overture from the beginning. I reached a point where getting an inadequate draft out was the only way to get anything out at all, so there I went.  Losing those files only adds to the inevitability of doing them again.

I'm not alone on this, of course- a LOT of webcomics end up remaking early pages. Some remake the whole comic. Even the big company shared-universe comics restart with fair regularity. While I'm not intending to reboot a darn thing- I just want to edit my horrible bloated intro-plenty of people do. Some to the point of addiction (don't name names, Cara, don't name names...) or to the detriment of the story actually going anywhere.

Not a lot of other media get away with this sort of constant rejiggering...except oral traditions. A song, even a popular one, is a morphic entity, changing for every performer.  Could plays be considered to change the original material by performance? Bedtime stories and fairy tales USED to get this sort of treatment, back when it was possible to tell a story about kidnapped princesses without having seven varieties of fanboy pop up to tell you what the "true" version is.*  I'm not sure why comics** also get this treatment- imagine a novel series announcing in volume six it was just going to start over, it would be Not Popular. Maybe it has to do with the ephemeral nature of original comics? Printed in papers or as books, they were pretty much meant to be thrown away once. The idea of hoarding and obsessing and remembering every detail of continuity is pretty new.

But that's another post. This is just a thing I wonder about, and a thing I am going to totally take advantage of.

Only two pages this week, because I AM GOING TO ANIMEFEST AND I MUST PREPARE LIKE THE WIND! Whoosh, and away!


**Yes, yes, COMICS IN AMERICA. That's the culture I know, so I'm not going to pretend to speak about any other.  Well. And online. Which is a little bit bigger than "America" by juuuuust a pinch, ya know?