Settling In
by Carapace
Well, I went and totally forgot the name of this site- I've been looking for my "Comic Rage" account for some time-- and so I'm a bit behind on my updates. To get farther behind, I'm afraid, since the files for the second half of the summer are on the computer of doooom and I can only hope they will survive.

Meantime, hey! This site rocks! So I'll start getting it in shape over the next couple weeks. I should at least be able to put up some text- shaped character pages and whatnot, right? Right! So now's a great time to tell me if there's any particular info you want with the comic.

Actually, it's 4:20 am; now's a great time to go to bed >_<. See you all tomorrow!
by Carapace
Starting in January, this will be the place for my liner notes, trenchfoot observations, convention notices, and creator breakdown. All in an exciting new text-based format with aboslutely nothing shiny! I can tell you, Hypothetical Reader, are enthralled. For now though, it's just creator breakdown, as I deal with pre-stage fright, tech wrangling, and the general panic of being about to launch a project that I am actually putting work into. Aiieee!