The World is Certainly Full of Things
by Carapace

And one of them is me updating regularly! Wow, if I manage to update NEXT Wednesday too that'll be a whole month with no skips! Or even late updates! I don't know if I've done that before! I-- I'm scared. The last time this happened my computer died. Twice. In a row.

But there are other things not about me happening! 24 Hour Comic Book Day, for one. If you make comics, and you'll have time away from household duties this Saturday, you should really check it out: [link]

But I will NOT be participating, because I will be at the local Japanese Society Matsuri (well, semi-local. Living in the sticks as I do, anything in a 2-hour radius is 'local'). I will be seeing exciting traditional dances (there are drums!) and watching plays and stuffing my face with an absurd amount of rice.  If you're in Austin, I highly recommend going! It's buckets of fun.

Whether you're in Austin or not, I highly recommend picking up DC's new Amethyst Showcase volume. Anyone reading my comics has probably noticed that I have a fondness for non-traditional layouts, and this book- especially the first half, which is all Ernie Colon's artbaby-- is like a masterclass in the field. The first *page* is amazing and it doesn't let up from there.

We shall not speak here of the reboot.

Aaaand if you're a child of the 90s, you should probably check out Nickleodeon's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. It's fun. Honestly fun, not oh-I-can-stand-this-while-the-kids-watch fun. And I'm really impressed with the animation; most computer animation feels kind of cold to me, but the  stuff on this show feels very warm and lively. I think the lighting may help? it's got a very animated-comic sort of direction, I'm enjoying it a lot. Watch it with a bowl of oversugared cereal at hand.

Then go out and do some Things. The world is full of them!

Dreams Can Come True, Though I Question The Hue
by Carapace

I've decided I want a Photoshop preview feature that lets me see my work in webby thumbnail mode. I swear browsing thumbnails shows me everything I need to change with my work...when iiiit's TOOOO LAAATE.
Ahem. Anyway. Move on from the mistakes, Cara. If you move on from the mistakes, you get to keep updating...

One of the things I've moved on with is my font. Heck yeah, actual pay font! I'm using Silver Age from Blambot now, baby. It has lowercase. I have been CRAVING lowercase, y'all. You don't understand. Unless you're font addicts too, then you probably do.

In non-comics-related news--because I never know what to say about the comics, seriously, y'all, I need a prompt sheet or something-- I'm gonna have a porch! I've wanted a porch for, oh, ever, but for some reason I'm only getting it now. I've been covering the wood for it with weatherproof treatment. And this is serious weatherproofing jazz- I can tell just touching the dry surface it's like laminating the wood, plus when it rained this whole last week (we got six inches of rain. In a week. We may not have much annual rainfall, but you should be here the day it arrives...) the water just sheeted off it. Which of course is what one wants in the surface one uses for an uncovered outdoor porch.

Less optimal: the weatherproofing stuff? Is Pepto-Bismol pink. I mean Pepto-Bismol EXACTLY. There is no way for an American of the 20th century to look at this shade and think anything but 'chalky mint-flavored medicine'. It is definitely not an eraser pink, or rose pink; it is indigestion-cure pink.

Which is somewhat soothing, actually. Plus, when I inevitably fall asleep on the deck during the summer, it means my skin will burn to a lovely shade of camouflage.

by Carapace

Yaaaay the pages have happened! The internet gods have smiled upon my efforts!

And I'm so glad, 'cause that's it for Chapter 1, folks! Chapter 2 in a couple weeks, when my cons have wrapped. I'll still be tossing up art and stuff in the meantime, though! Maybe even some halfconscious commentary instead of this braindead  bedtime stuff! Any questions, now's the time to ask!

...And now's the time for bed. Gaaaahhhh.

Xeno's Update
by Carapace

Because it's still one update away from the chapter finish! See? And last week was also...ok, moving along.

Next week (computer willing and the skies don't crash) I'll be posting the end of this chapter (though not of this arc). Yay! And then it's gonna be filler for a while, because I'm coming up on two cons, plus my birthday. Plus, well, I want the next chapter to be ready to roll out on something like a schedule! So it's gonna be notes and filler the next few weeks, and maybe actual non-comic art!Oooh, scary! But if there's anything you've been wanting to see me draw/answer.rant about for a while, now's the time to say!

Otherwise I'm probably just gonna rant about Alphas here because Omigosh that show is SO GOOD I am having an event over here.

The Sky Gods Smile On Me This Wednesday
by Carapace

...After TWO WEEKS of shutdown no-access DNS denial oh gods the withdrawal was agony.

It's been a bit eerie writing about a net-driven society having technical difficulties in the midst of my own horribly isolating technical difficulties. >_>

But now there is 'net! For who knows how long! And thus there is a big ol' fat comic update today! If Thor and Quetzocoatl favor me next week, I think we'll be wrapping this chapter up next week. Fingers crossed!
Don't know how long I've got this window of functionality for today, but hopefully I'll be able to come back and leave comments and make a better journal than this later today? I was sort of focused on just Getting Stuff Posted tonight, because geez, about time.

In other news: EEEEE Alphas is back and it is still The Best!