The Sky Gods Smile On Me This Wednesday
by Carapace

...After TWO WEEKS of shutdown no-access DNS denial oh gods the withdrawal was agony.

It's been a bit eerie writing about a net-driven society having technical difficulties in the midst of my own horribly isolating technical difficulties. >_>

But now there is 'net! For who knows how long! And thus there is a big ol' fat comic update today! If Thor and Quetzocoatl favor me next week, I think we'll be wrapping this chapter up next week. Fingers crossed!
Don't know how long I've got this window of functionality for today, but hopefully I'll be able to come back and leave comments and make a better journal than this later today? I was sort of focused on just Getting Stuff Posted tonight, because geez, about time.

In other news: EEEEE Alphas is back and it is still The Best!

Posts Up! Artist Down!
by Carapace

There's oooooone more page I'm gonna try to get up today, but it's my very favorite page in ages so I want to double check it for errors when I'm not all hallucinating and stuff. And also I've been to a zoo and a fair and all sorts of stuff, and there was a certain show finale that should be discussed.So I'll be back with that later!
But I am officially not missing another update now! Victory!

...Also maybe we'll have some rain? Rain would be nice. How's things for you today, readers?

Lo! I am Accursed.
by Carapace

I'm late I'm late I'm late because my computer magically ATE MY FILES, just straight up swallowed and digested and left in the woods two lettered pages and I only discovered this when I went to post said pages Tuesday night.
I tried my best to emergency bat-recreate them in time for a Wednesday posting! But alas. It is not to be. It turns out I can't recreate three days' worth of work time in one day. Who knew?

So, I guess, you'll be getting a REALLY HEFTY update next Wednesday, instead. Unless I get a slew of people crying 'no, update as soon as you can!', in which case I guess I'll update tonight. So...probably Wednesday, then.

And that's what's goin' on.


You know, sometimes I really wish I ran a gag-a-day comic, so I could just swap out one set of pages for another. Because hey, the update AFTER this one is shiny! Ready to go! Totally stupid without THIS update!

Grrr. Anyway, back to you, readers!

Wait, What Happened?
by Carapace

Dear Regular Readers:

I know you're there. All, what, 10 of you? That's cool. I really appreciate it, even if you never comment (although I would LOVE it if you'd comment).

Only now I can't know you're there, because some freak occurrence just spiked my readership into the stratosphere for ONE DAY while I was out of town.

So now I am actively begging for any knowledge: What just happened?!? Whence cometh the brief influx of new readers? Was it a tech glitch? What, in short, the heck?

...None of them commented either, so I don't know! And I doubt they're the staying type. I like YOU, regular reader. Stick around, the plot's thicking.

Coming this Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
by Carapace

An update! Shock!

And the week after that...another update! Yes! I can do it! I think I'll be able to do it all summer, because NaNoManGo has me on a roll.

Here's the thing, though- alternating weeks will be an Extras-y kind of update. Q&A, or goofy sketches, or something. I really want to update EVERY Wednesday, and I'm trying to build enough pages to do that-- but it's going to take a few weeks of alternating filler.


So! Any particular filler requests? Can't promise anything- I'm doing these to save time, after all, so I have to go with what's quick. But I will be listening at the comments for suggestions!