Coming this Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
by Carapace

An update! Shock!

And the week after that...another update! Yes! I can do it! I think I'll be able to do it all summer, because NaNoManGo has me on a roll.

Here's the thing, though- alternating weeks will be an Extras-y kind of update. Q&A, or goofy sketches, or something. I really want to update EVERY Wednesday, and I'm trying to build enough pages to do that-- but it's going to take a few weeks of alternating filler.


So! Any particular filler requests? Can't promise anything- I'm doing these to save time, after all, so I have to go with what's quick. But I will be listening at the comments for suggestions!

Planning for THE FUTURE
by Carapace

Missing three weeks? Not cool, not cool.

But I'm actually loading up a page buffer, so when I start posting pages again next week (I post on Wednesdays, fokes. If I can't post Wednesday, I won't post.) I can draw off hidden internet storage mystery space, and not worry about actually uploading files on the whim of a cruel and uncaring Sky-God. Or getting hacked by my own recalcitrant mortal form, as, yes, happened today. You're a jerk, mortal form!

When *I* am an Internet Sky God, there will be some changes made, yo. Until then, I can only lay plans for my future world domina-- er, actual update schedule.

by Carapace

Yep, it's raining on prom night- er, update day over here again. And has BEEN raining, for the last week +. This alone would not be so bad-- hey, I can draw in the rain!-- but bad weather knocks out our hilarious excuse for an internet something harsh. I've not been able to upload...well, anything today. That pic last night? Took five tries.

ARRRGH, and so forth.

So! Next time I get a clear internet window, I'll be Stashing pages ahead like crazy. In the meantime, uh...thanks for your patience, and I'll try to get something up tonight, with the understanding that 'tonight' means before I fall asleep in frustrated exhaustion, or until the power cuts out again*.


* Ok, I can draw in the rain SOMEtimes.

Voice of The
by Carapace

Wooo! It's the earliest I've ever been late! Celebrate! Yeah!

Next Wednesday, art extras! Maybe some Ask sketches, if anyone has 'em!  I don't know, I'm mad with power and almost-punctuality here! There's a comment link at the bottom of the page, at the verrrry bottom, where only smart people and ninjas can find it, but like I've said before, my readers are geniuses.


I've been watching Legend of Korra, as last week's journal might have hinted, and--NO SPOILERS! No spoilers! I promise! Come back!-- and one of the many many thiings that's amused me about it has been the voice of the announcer. You know, the one who does the "Previously On" intros.

I'm guessing everyone watching Korra recognizes that voice as being Old Timey Radio Broadcaster Voice-- but WHY? Who sounded like that? Was it a fad, like people in the forties liking to sing about monkeys (which, seriously people of the 1940s, what happened there)? Was it one guy, like Don LaFontaine, who was just so iconic and pervasive that now he's all anyone knows? When did that voice become THE voice? Why do we all recognize it?

And how many Voices like that existed before the advent of sound recording? Surely there were town criers or preachers whose vocal patterns called up a particular decade or time even before sound recording kicked in. Maybe some actors or touring singers? What did the past sound like, to the people then? Who was their 'In A World Where' guy? Heck, who's ours, these days? Will the modern era have distinctive voices that represent entire industries, like Radio Patter Man, or have we diversified too much for that?

Voices mean a lot to setting- and, aside from a few tweaks to speech patterns, or carefully deployed varying fonts, they're something comics are denied.  That's a dangerous path, too; too far in those woods and you turn into Claremont's X-Men, great for Claremont's X-Men. But my very favorite comics manage to work with it anyway, at least enough that I can figure out who's talking in disembodied dialogue.

And these are the things I think about at 4:30 am, when I should be cooking! To bacon with me!

Aten't Dead
by Carapace

The artist sometimes requires unscheduled maintenance. During these intervals, comic updates may be delayed. Updates on the artist's status will be posted available on Twitter.

Comics posting will always resume on the nearest available Wednesday. We apologize for the inconvenience. *

*Translation: I have some serious health problems that sometimes sideline me, but unless I'm actively hospitalized I can always be yelled to on Twitter @carabrains  . And I'm back now! With comics! Maybe more than expected! We shall see!

In other news, typed while comics load:


I never thought it would be possible, at my age, to fall in love with a show like this. I mean, I'm no cheerleader for fandom nostalgia.  I am totally prepared to admit that there is work being done all over the web that knocks the cartoons of my youth* into a cocked hat in terms of experimentation, skill, or ideas. But there's an intensity in that first discovery of something really good, or even just really different, that I honestly thought I wouldn't get back.

But, MAN. Korra is just golden. I love and care about all the characters, even the villain. Especially the villain! The mere fact that there's a fantasy world full of Very Special People being opposed by commoners, and I am not automatically irrevocably on the side of the commoners, is a testament to the fine writing going on. **  Republic City is amazing-the Avatar crew always excelled at environments, but having a city that feels vital and functional is so much harder than making a country scene seem 'pastoral' or whatever. And I love the logic of the technological progression, and and and...

And I am THIS CLOSE to writing fanfic. That is how bad this show has grabbed me. It won't happen, but it's a close thing.

I mean, there's a polar bear dog. I'm not made of stone here.

*For the most part. I was lucky enough to be a kid during the Diniverse/Animaniacs age, so there was some genuinely amazing stuff going on. But it was friggin' Science Ninja Team Gatchaman that sidelined me, for reasons too lengthy to go into a footnote. Even first love is complicated.

**No, I don't want to be a Wizard, a Jedi, or a Princess. I do want a Sentinel, though. I know damn well my place is with the unspecial extras.