Voice of The

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I've been watching Legend of Korra, as last week's journal might have hinted, and--NO SPOILERS! No spoilers! I promise! Come back!-- and one of the many many thiings that's amused me about it has been the voice of the announcer. You know, the one who does the "Previously On" intros.

I'm guessing everyone watching Korra recognizes that voice as being Old Timey Radio Broadcaster Voice-- but WHY? Who sounded like that? Was it a fad, like people in the forties liking to sing about monkeys (which, seriously people of the 1940s, what happened there)? Was it one guy, like Don LaFontaine, who was just so iconic and pervasive that now he's all anyone knows? When did that voice become THE voice? Why do we all recognize it?

And how many Voices like that existed before the advent of sound recording? Surely there were town criers or preachers whose vocal patterns called up a particular decade or time even before sound recording kicked in. Maybe some actors or touring singers? What did the past sound like, to the people then? Who was their 'In A World Where' guy? Heck, who's ours, these days? Will the modern era have distinctive voices that represent entire industries, like Radio Patter Man, or have we diversified too much for that?

Voices mean a lot to setting- and, aside from a few tweaks to speech patterns, or carefully deployed varying fonts, they're something comics are denied.  That's a dangerous path, too; too far in those woods and you turn into Claremont's X-Men, which...is great for Claremont's X-Men. But my very favorite comics manage to work with it anyway, at least enough that I can figure out who's talking in disembodied dialogue.

And these are the things I think about at 4:30 am, when I should be cooking! To bacon with me!