Aten't Dead

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*Translation: I have some serious health problems that sometimes sideline me, but unless I'm actively hospitalized I can always be yelled to on Twitter @carabrains  . And I'm back now! With comics! Maybe more than expected! We shall see!

In other news, typed while comics load:


I never thought it would be possible, at my age, to fall in love with a show like this. I mean, I'm no cheerleader for fandom nostalgia.  I am totally prepared to admit that there is work being done all over the web that knocks the cartoons of my youth* into a cocked hat in terms of experimentation, skill, or ideas. But there's an intensity in that first discovery of something really good, or even just really different, that I honestly thought I wouldn't get back.

But, MAN. Korra is just golden. I love and care about all the characters, even the villain. Especially the villain! The mere fact that there's a fantasy world full of Very Special People being opposed by commoners, and I am not automatically irrevocably on the side of the commoners, is a testament to the fine writing going on. **  Republic City is amazing-the Avatar crew always excelled at environments, but having a city that feels vital and functional is so much harder than making a country scene seem 'pastoral' or whatever. And I love the logic of the technological progression, and and and...

And I am THIS CLOSE to writing fanfic. That is how bad this show has grabbed me. It won't happen, but it's a close thing.

I mean, there's a polar bear dog. I'm not made of stone here.

*For the most part. I was lucky enough to be a kid during the Diniverse/Animaniacs age, so there was some genuinely amazing stuff going on. But it was friggin' Science Ninja Team Gatchaman that sidelined me, for reasons too lengthy to go into a footnote. Even first love is complicated.

**No, I don't want to be a Wizard, a Jedi, or a Princess. I do want a Sentinel, though. I know damn well my place is with the unspecial extras.