Aten't Dead
by Carapace

The artist sometimes requires unscheduled maintenance. During these intervals, comic updates may be delayed. Updates on the artist's status will be posted available on Twitter.

Comics posting will always resume on the nearest available Wednesday. We apologize for the inconvenience. *

*Translation: I have some serious health problems that sometimes sideline me, but unless I'm actively hospitalized I can always be yelled to on Twitter @carabrains  . And I'm back now! With comics! Maybe more than expected! We shall see!

In other news, typed while comics load:


I never thought it would be possible, at my age, to fall in love with a show like this. I mean, I'm no cheerleader for fandom nostalgia.  I am totally prepared to admit that there is work being done all over the web that knocks the cartoons of my youth* into a cocked hat in terms of experimentation, skill, or ideas. But there's an intensity in that first discovery of something really good, or even just really different, that I honestly thought I wouldn't get back.

But, MAN. Korra is just golden. I love and care about all the characters, even the villain. Especially the villain! The mere fact that there's a fantasy world full of Very Special People being opposed by commoners, and I am not automatically irrevocably on the side of the commoners, is a testament to the fine writing going on. **  Republic City is amazing-the Avatar crew always excelled at environments, but having a city that feels vital and functional is so much harder than making a country scene seem 'pastoral' or whatever. And I love the logic of the technological progression, and and and...

And I am THIS CLOSE to writing fanfic. That is how bad this show has grabbed me. It won't happen, but it's a close thing.

I mean, there's a polar bear dog. I'm not made of stone here.

*For the most part. I was lucky enough to be a kid during the Diniverse/Animaniacs age, so there was some genuinely amazing stuff going on. But it was friggin' Science Ninja Team Gatchaman that sidelined me, for reasons too lengthy to go into a footnote. Even first love is complicated.

**No, I don't want to be a Wizard, a Jedi, or a Princess. I do want a Sentinel, though. I know damn well my place is with the unspecial extras.

by Carapace

I'm in Texas, and in case you missed it-- and really, gosh, how could anyone in the world not know everything happening in Texas every minute?- we've had some minor storms going on lately. As in, tornados have been a spawning.  I'm safely away to where it's only heavy winds and thunder and lightning, but that's plenty enough to bork my Hi-Larious version of wireless access. So these pages are going up later than intended. But here they are! And to bed I go, also much later than intended. 


( If anyone reads these posts, could you leave a "Heya!" type comment? I'm not entirely sure the comments are working/visible on this page...:/)

by Carapace

Comic pages may update biweekly, but that doesn't mean I'm doing nothing in my off-weeks! There's finally a character page, whoooo! It will be added to as the series progresses.

Anything else folks would like to see for extra pages?

Apparently I Will Update On Wednesdays In The Future
by Carapace

Since my husband's schedule means he's home on Sundays and so I can't compulsively double check every single detail eighty times before I post the pages. I'm usually not so OCD, but I think I have quite enough art-typos even with the last minute look through to justify minor out-freaking.

Still planning to stay with a biweekly schedule, provided I don't get hilariously sick again like I did the last couple weeks. If you had the bug I did, you'll know what I'm talking about; the most awesome part was burning my hand on a cast iron pan and thinking the pan was nice and cool. If you would currently welcome the sweet embrace of death, you may have the same virus! Remember, antibiotics don't help with a virus. Only a convenient serial killer can save you now!

Or lots of fluids and bedrest. You know, if you want to be a baby about it. I had comics to make, so I was a baby about it and now I'm not all dead. So, next real comics in another couple weeks!

Starting Over
by Carapace

Those keen of sight or paying the least bit of attention may have noticed that I've rebooted this machine. Last year was cursed, CURSED I TELL YOU, by computer disasters and health failures. I woke up this winter and decided heck with it, let's go again. And so again I am going. 

I'll be updating with multiple page chunks every other Monday (so the next update will be Feb. 13!) for the foreseeable future. I'm really happy with how things are going; I hope any of you who read along last time will stick around for this.  I know reboots can be frustrating. If you want to drift off for a bit and come back later, I completely understand- but honestly, this is so much better, I really think you should stick around. I know I'm having more fun.

To those who emailed or commented elsewise, thanks! If you want to join the commenty crowd now you can always follow me over on DeviantArt, where I post a couple days early for beta-readers, or on Twitter, where as @Carabrains I natter profusely.  Or you can just leave comments in the box beneath! I promise I cherish each one.


See you in a couple Mondays!